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Hướng dẫn làm bài Reading Market Leader Advanced – Unit 2: Training

Reading and Language Market Leader Advanced – Unit 2: Training – HocHay

A. Read the anecdote below about the Chinese fridge-maker Haier and answer these questions.

1. What lesson did the new boss want his employees to learn?

2. How would you react if a manager at your organisation did something similar?


Đáp án:
1. The lesson the boss at Haier wanted the employees to learn was one of ‘creative destruction’: to do things well, or to be more creative, it is sometimes better to destroy what you have done and start all over again

B. Read the article below about Haier and discuss these questions.

1. What is Haier’s approach to executive education?

2. What are the benefits of this approach?


D. Match these words or phrases in italic from the article (1-10) to the correct definition (a-j).

1. periodically rejigs the teams (lines 45-46)

2. confers several benefits (line 54)

3. spot opportunities (lines 57-58)

4. ongoing exposure to the issues (lines 59-60)

5. connect the dots (lines 61-62)

6. looking … through the window of their own silo (lines 63-65)

7. helping executives hone the skills (line 67)

8. in the pejorative sense (line 71)

9. divorced from practice (line 72)

10. track progress (line 78)

a) understanding something only from your own position and not that of others

b) record the development of something or someone over time

c) chance to experience new ideas and ways of looking at things

d) arranges in a different way

e) too theoretical

f) brings/offers

g) notice something, especially when it is difficult to see

h) with a negative meaning

i) improve/refine

j) realise that something is related to something else

Đáp án:

1. d

2. f

3. g

4. c

5. j

6. a

7. i

8. h

9. e

10. b

E. Why is the ability to emphasise important in business communication? Find examples in the article for each of these techniques.

1. Using lists of three

2. Using superlative forms

3. Using two contrasting ideas

4. Using interesting or extreme adjectives

5. Emphasising a negative statement

Đáp án:
1. … to discuss their individual challenges, explore possible solutions and discuss how best to implement proposed changes. (lines 38-42)

Faculty mixes executives from different functions, business units and provinces … (lines 42-44)

First, … Second, … Third … (lines 54-65)

They also help the executives refine their action plan, devise practical ways to track progress and facilitate mid-course correction. (lines 76-79)

2. One of the most daunting, however, is … (lines 2-3)

… one of the most successful companies in China. (lines 14-15)

… get the most value for their investment … (lines 82-83)

3. … Haier has risen from a nearly bankrupt collective enterprise 25 years ago to one of the most successful companies in China. (lines 12-15)

… discuss what worked and did not … (lines 5G–51)

… understand Haier’s situation as a whole, rather than looking at the market through the window of their own silo. (lines 62-65)

4. turbulent markets (lines 1-2), volatile markets (line 7), versatile general managers (lines 19-20), in the pejorative sense (line 71)

5. … discuss what worked and [what] did not… (lines 50–51)

These courses are anything but ‘academic’… (lines 70-71)

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