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Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 10: Ethics – HocHay

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 10: Ethics – Listening


A. David Hillyard, Director of Programmes at EarthWatch, is describing his organisation. Listen to the first part of the interview and complete the gaps.

EarthWatch is an ……….. (1) research and ………… (2) and ……….. (3) organisation, and we have over ……….. (4) field research projects around the ………… (5). That involves, er, ………… (6) looking at how animals and ……… (7) are coping in their natural ……….. (8)


Đáp án:

1. international

2. conservation

3. education

4. 100

5. world

6. scientists

7. plants

8 environment


B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1. Where does EarthWatch have offices?

2. How are EarthWatch’s field research projects designed?


Đáp án:

1. The US, the U K, India, Melbourne (Australia), Japan, China

2. So that members of the public, company employees, teachers, young people and young scientists can join researchers in the field as field assistants and collect real data that contributes to understanding what is happening.


C. Listen to the second part of the interview and answer the questions.

1. Why do businesses need to change the way they operate?

2. What opportunity do companies have with respect to the environment?


Đáp án:

1. To help to reduce the environmental impact of their operations

2. To educate and engage their employees and get their employees inspired and motivated to do something in their own communities or in their workplace with respect to the environment


D. Listen to the final part and write three sentences about the collaboration with HSBC. 


Đáp án:

Sample answer

Earth Watch is working with HS BC, the global bank, so that the bank’s employees can work on data collection along with Earth Watch researchers. This research is about how forests are coping with climate change and how animals and plants are affected. This is a way of involving employees and getting them to go back into their companies so that they influence colleagues about climate change.

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Vocabulary Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 10: Ethics – HocHay

A. Match words from Box A and Box B to make word partnerships which describe the activities in Exercise A.

bribery      price      environmental      sex      insider       tax       counterfeit      money      animal         industrial

and corruption        testing        discrimination       fraud        trading      fixing       laundering       goods         pollution       espionage


Đáp án:

1. bribery and corruption

2. price fixing

3. environmental pollution

4. sex discrimination

5. insider trading

6. tax fraud

7. counterfeit goods

8. money laundering

9. animal testing

10. industrial espionage


C. Mark the stress in each word partnership from Exercise B. Then listen to the correct answers.


Đáp án:

1. bribery and corruption

2. price fixing

3. environmental pollution

4. sex discrimination

5. insider trading

6. tax fraud

7. counterfeit goods

8. money laundering

9. animal testing

10. industrial espionage

Language Review Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 10: Ethics – HocHay

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A. Listen to a conversation about a woman who was fired from her job and put these events in the order that they happened.

a) She lost her job.

b) She felt desperate.

c) She lied on her CV.

d) There was an HR initiative.

e) The company found out she did not have a Master’s degree.

f) She got a really good job.

g) She got strong performance reviews.


Đáp án:

b, c, f, g, d, e, a


B. Listen to the conversation again and note down examples of each of these tenses.

a) past simple 

b) past continuous 

c) past perfect

d) present perfect


Đáp án:

a) happened, got, was, fired, said, did [ … ] find out, required, found out, didn’t have, wasn’t, cost 

b) was going, was getting, was receiving, was exceeding

c) had lied, had claimed, had [ … ] made up, had done, had felt, had been

d) have been, ‘ve advised


C. Complete this text about a pharmaceutical company with the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets.

We like to think we are an ethical company. but we ……….. (1) (have) a problem last year when we ……….. (2) (launch) our new product.

Let me give you the background to the problem. The new product ……….. (3) (sell) very well, we ……….. (4) (get) good feedback. and sales……….. (5) (increase) month by month. Everyone was happy.

Then it all …………. (6) (go) wrong. In August. we ………… (7) (start) to get complaints from some doctors about one of our salesmen. They ………… (8) (complain) about the methods that the salesman ………… (9) (use) to persuade them to endorse the product. He ……….. (10) (offer) them expensive gifts and ………… (11) (take) them to expensive restaurants. The doctors ………….. (12) (feel) under pressure to promote the product.

By the end of the year. we ……….. (13) (receive) over 30 complaints about that particular salesman. In December. articles ……….. (14) (start), to appear in the press about our unethical sales methods. In the end. we ………… (15) (fire) the salesman. As a result of this, we ……….. (16) (recently issue) guidelines to all sales staff about appropriate gifts.


Đáp án:

1. had

2. launched

3. was selling

4. were getting

5. were increasing

6. went

7. started

8. were complaining / complained

9. was using / used

10. was offering / offered 

11. (was) taking / took

12. felt

13. had received

14. started

15. fired

16. have recently issued


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