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Giúp bạn Tự học Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 3: Reading (Phần 2)

Questions 168-171 refer to the following e-mail.


To: Lmaria_bellandini@pweb.net
From: thomasmclaren@delicatessenmag.com
Date: Tuesday, October 2
Subject: Food Photography Article

Dear Ms. Bellandini:

I have some news regarding your article that is scheduled to be published in the next issue of Delicatessen Magazine. — [1] —. Yesterday, we learned that a major advertiser canceled their contract with us, and as a result, we will have to reduce the number of pages in our upcoming issue. This is extremely unfortunate, but we just do not have enough money without these ads to publish the magazine in its current format. — [2] —.

We know that readers have enjoyed reading about your experiences in Italy. 7 [3] #. While your eight—page story about working as a food photographer is excellent, in order to fit in the slimmer issue, it will need to be cut by about thirty percent. Although I sincerely hope you agree to having your article published in our upcoming issue, I will understand if you would rather have the article published in full at a later time. However, I have to let you know that the magazine industry is not always the most stable business, and for this reason, I do not know if there will be space for your story in the future. — [4] —.

Please let me know as soon as possible what you would like to do. Should you agree to edit the story, I will need the new version by Monday.

Best regards,

Thomas McLaren, Editor-in-Chief EI


  1. What is implied about Delicatessen Magazine?

(A) It plans to merge with another magazine.

(B) It gives discounted subscriptions to staff.

(C) It relies on advertisements for funding.

(D) It offers long-term contracts to writers.

  1. How would Ms. Bellandini most likely revise her article?

(A) By making it shorter

(B) By changing the topic

(C) By adding more information

(D) By including more images of food

  1. What does Mr. McLaren NOT suggest to Ms. Bellandini?

(A) Her previous articles were well liked.

(B) She should submit her article to another magazine.

(C) Her article might not be published in full at a later date.

(D) She should notify him of her decision.

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3]. and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“Of course, this is your choice, and I will respect whatever decision you make.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 172-175 refer to the following text-message chain.


Delroy Gerew (1:29 P.M.):

Hi, Ms. Chichester, we’d like to order another 10 shirts, featuring the company’s name, Magnalook, and its logo. We need four small, two medium, and four large sizes. Could you fill the order by Friday?

Nina Chichester (1:32 PM):
That’s two days from today, so a $75 rush-order fee will be added.

Delroy Gerew (1:34 P.M.):
How can we avoid the tee?

Nina Chichester (1:36 PM):
By choosing the standard 5-day production option. Your order would be ready Monday of next week.

Delroy Gerew (1:38 PM):
I guess it can’t be helped. Since we have employees starting this Friday and you open at 8:00 A.M., can I pick up the shirts at that time?

Nina Chichester (1:39 PM):
Pick-up time is normally after 1:00 PM, but I’ll see to it they’re ready by 8:00 A.M.

Delroy Gerew (1:41 PM):
Thank you. Actually, my assistant will be picking them up.

Nina Chichester (1:42 PM):
That’s fine. Could you please e-mail me your logo again? The computer on which I had it stored crashed the other day and is awaiting repair.

Delroy Gerew (1:44 PM):
Will do. Thanks, and please charge the credit card you have on file for us.


  1. What is suggested about the company Ms. Chichester works for?

(A) It currently has no large-sized shirts in stock.

(B) It has filled an order for Mr. Gerew before.

(C) It offers discounts on large orders.

(D) It is open every evening.

  1. Why is Mr. Gerew ordering new shirts?

(A) Additional staff members have been hired.

(B) More were sold than had been anticipated.

(C) The company’s logo has been changed.

(D) The style currently in use has become outdated.

  1. At 1:38 P.M., what does Mr. Gerew mean when he writes, “I guess it can’t be helped”?

(A) He will pay a $75 rush-order fee.

(B) He will ask his assistant to help him.

(C) He will meet Ms. Chichester at 1:00 PM.

(D) He will select the standard production option.

  1. What will Mr. Gerew likely do next?

(A) Provide payment information to Ms. Chichester

(B) Schedule a meeting with Ms. Chichester

(C) Send an e-mail to Ms. Chichester

(D) Fix Ms. Chichester’s computer


Questions 176-180 refer to the following e-mail and notice.

To: stafi’mailinglist@coltonmedical.org
From: Melvin Myers <mmyers@coltonmedical.org>
Date: June 10
Subject: Parking area reassignment


Dear Colleagues:


I just want to remind everyone that crews will begin construction on the new Colton Medical Nutrition Center on June 18.


Effective June 15, parking areas F and G will be closed until August 20, when construction is expected to be completed. Staff currently assigned to park in areas F and G will be given temporary “guest” parking stickers and must park in the guest—parking garage. The Property Maintenance Office will place stickers in staff mailboxes by 4 RM. today. The sticker should be displayed on the driver’s side window of the vehicle.


A construction access road will be created by closing the entrance and exit roads to parking areas F and G. This will also block access to the security building and the pond. However, a temporary alternative entranceway to those locations will be created. To help eliminate excessive traffic, please visit those places only when absolutely necessary. Take note that the Information Center at the main entrance will remain open during construction.


Please e-mail me directly with any questions regarding parking stickers.



Melvin Myers
Property Maintenance






Staff members who normally use these areas and who have not yet received a temporary parking sticker should request one at the security station. A valid access card and staff ID are required.


Cars will be immediately towed away if parked next to pedestrian areas, including all walkways, temporary rest areas, and construction tents. Owners of cars parked in the garage without a sticker displayed on the window will be fined $25 per day.


Security officers are available to assist you. 



  1. Why are parking areas being closed?

(A) They are being resurfaced.

(B) They are being reserved for guests.

(C) An outdoor event will be held on them.

(D) A construction project is scheduled to begin.

  1. According to the e-mail, who will receive a temporary parking sticker?

(A) Anyone who is visiting the medical campus

(B) Anyone who usually parks in areas F and G

(C) Anyone who usually parks in the parking garage

(D) Anyone who requests one from the maintenance office

  1. Why should staff members limit their visits to the security building?

(A) 80 that visitors can enjoy the pond

(B) So that fewer cars will be in the area

(C) 30 that security staff can monitor traffic

(D) So that visitors can get to the Information Center

  1. What changed after the e-mail was sent on June 10 ?

(A) Which parking areas are being closed

(B) Where staff should park their vehicles

(C) Where parking stickers should be displayed

(D) How long some parking areas will be closed

  1. According to the notice, why might a staff member’s car be towed?

(A) If it is parked near a walkway

(B) If it is parked in the visitors‘ area

(C) If it does not display a parking sticker

(D) If it is parked in the garage after August 20

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